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Alice Bow

I’ve yet to meet a woman who wasn’t a shoe addict to some degree, myself included, but I was continually frustrated at the lack of quality padding in most stylish shoes unless you were buying a very high end pair that needed a small mortgage to own. I’d be out and about in a pair of much-loved gorgeous shoes, only to find that they often left my feet crying for mercy instead of a night on the dance floor. It seemed like shoe design had lost its way somehow, with all the focus on style and not nearly enough attention to substance and comfort. And this shoe addict felt she had a right to both.

So I was determined to change all that.

The result is Alice Bow insoles – beautiful leather insoles designed for both high heels and flat shoes in a range of colours. Insoles aimed at comfort have never been known as a fashion accessory – until now.

And it didn’t take long, with word began spreading very quickly that Alice Bow Insoles were the must-have accessory for stylish women.

Our website nearly broke the internet as it was inundated with requests from women everywhere for our insoles, from Paris to Tokyo, from London to New York, from Dubai to Cape Town, and from the Aussie Outback to the fjords of Norway. We had, it seems, started a revolution in footwear comfort.

I hope you love and enjoy your new insoles – and please contact us with your Alice Bow adventures, thoughts and feedback – we’d love to hear from you!

Blues & Browns

Blues & Browns is a complete shopping experience from head to foot with everything in between and is very proud to say it is Tailor Made in Scotland.
Tartans Silks & Velvets.
A Day at the Races.

British Flat Shoe Company

Think simple practical style with comfort, luxury leather inner and uppers.                                                                 

All our shoes are hand made in Northampton, Great Britain. The home of Britain’s shoe-making heritage for over 800 years.
Support Great Britain, Think British, buy British.

Broadland Slippers

Broadland Slippers has a workforce with over 150 years experience in the manufacturing of Handmade Slippers and House Shoes.

All of our products are hand crafted to the highest standards, using traditional techniques and the finest materials. We are only too happy to help you with any sizing questions to ensure your new velvet slippers offer that perfect fit.

Using the finest leathers, velvets and satin quilt, each and every pair of hand made slippers and house shoes are expertly cut out and lasted by hand using traditional established methods to the highest standards. Broadland Slippers offer velvet slippers with hand embroidered motifs in various styles which are meticulously created usinggold wire, silver wire and coloured silks. Available motifs include monograms, heraldic designs and family crests. We can also make slippers with your own design.

Caroline Groves

Caroline Groves is one of the few in the world, a traditional bespoke shoe and bag maker. With over 25 years of leather working experience her creative talent crosses the boundaries between craftsmanship, fashion, art and fantasy.

Her self named label was set-up twelve years ago and has since built up an international following of clients who are both fashion forward women with established creatives – authors and artists alike.

Caroline’s original interest was in leather and she collaborated with a saddler until meeting a shoemaker in 1988 with whom she trained for a number of years. However, Caroline realised she wanted to work more on design, style and use beautiful materials this led to her starting her own company.

Celtic & Co.

At Celtic we are passionate about the craft of hand-making our boots, slippers and flip-flops. We’re proud to say that the skins we use to manufacture our sheepskin footwear are from British sheep. Always a by-product of the UK farming industry which operates within the highest regulations for animal welfare, we choose the finest sheepskin, making our products both ethical and high quality. These skins would otherwise be considered waste and farmers would have to pay for their disposal so we are proud to support British farmers with our products.
What sets us apart?

Handmade in Newquay – All our sheepskin boots and slippers are made in Cornwall with love and care.
100% Premium quality British sheepskin – We’re the only ones still doing it by hand here in Great Britain using British sheepskin.
Machine washable – Our sheepskin is specially treated so you can wash most of our boots and slippers to keep them looking as good as new.
Double-stitched seams – Constructed from up to 11 elements, all our sheepskin footwear is double-stitched for exceptional durability.
Durable soles – All our soles are hand cut from rubber so they’re flexible, shock-absorbing and extremely long lasting.
Re-sole & repair service – Unlike other sheepskin boots, ours can be re-soled and repaired – so you can enjoy your Celtic favourites for many years to come.

Our clothing and suppliers
We choose our suppliers based on their quality, use of natural materials and ethical sourcing and manufacture. We prefer to work with experts in their field, whether that is sheepskin outerwear, chunky knitwear or accessories.

Where possible our suppliers are based in the UK and we prefer to source as close to home as possible to both support British manufacturing and ensure minimum environmental impact.

Closet London

At Closet London, we make contemporary womenswear that tells a story. We are loved for our elegant shapes and stunning prints, and our passionate team of designers and pattern-cutters design and make every garment in London, just as they have for over 20 years.

From our famous go-to dress designs, to gorgeous separates, tailored jackets and seasonal outerwear; we are inspired by the confident and feminine style of our Closet Woman.  Busy lunch meetings, Thursday’s date night, a close friend’s wedding; we know that she is always on the lookout for something which she can wear her way.

Each of our collections tells a fresh and inspiring story, and we offer a quirky and thoughtful experience that bring lots of personality to everything we do. Closet London is more than the dress you wear.

So…what did you wear? The question every friend wants to know.

The country wedding, the big date, the first day at the office, it matters what we wear. Yet how and where we wear it is when the story really begins.

The discreet but welcome glance. The handbag, shoes you couldn’t do without. The way you wore it, only the way you could.

At Closet we don’t just love dresses but we are passionate about how you wear them and the stories your dress can tell. Pair us with those purple stilettos, dress us down with a pair of converse and a jacket. Layer us under your cosy knit. We understand the feeling of wearing your favourite dress in a new (secretly brilliant, can’t believe I never thought of this!) kind of way

Famous for our prints and proud of our fit, we are Quirky, Social, Thoughtful and Loyal (a little bit like you we like to think!). We champion personal styles and offer a capsule collection of signature dresses which are always inspired by a single story.

And we also have our own story to tell…From our local roots, all of your garments are still lovingly designed and made in London today. And we are as honest, enterprising, characterful and proud as we were over 20 years ago when we began. Feminine shapes, stunning prints, passionate people, made in London…

It’s us, and you

Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones was founded in 1879, in Northampton, by Charles Jones and his brother-in-law, James Crockett.Now after more than 130 years Crockett & Jones’ shoes still retain the attention to detail, quality, comfort and durability that was the hallmark of their founders, Sir James Crockett and Charles Jones.

Crockett & Jones continue to export about 70% of the production. The expansion of the retail division together with on-going development of worldwide distribution has led to the brand becoming internationally established. The strong reputation of Crockett & Jones, which continues to flourish, is built on solid foundations and a great ethos started many generations ago. The fact that the business remains in the hands of the family who started it, ensures that the standards of the past are maintained today and lends a more personal touch to the fine shoes that they produce.

Crown Shoes

The Woodford family have been hand making quality boots and shoes since 1908. Established by my great great grandfather Earnest Woodford in London, the business later moved to the home of footwear: Northampton, England. Five generations on and we’re still producing quality hand-made footwear, using the fine materials and utilising knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation.

Over the years we’ve become world renowned for comfort and craftsmanship and approximately seventy per cent of our production is now exported worldwide. Using only the finest materials, all sourced from local leather merchants, we design, develop, and hand-make our shoes to the high standards set by both the town’s forefathers and the Woodford family.

As a proud Northampton company, we understand the rich and important shoemaking heritage of our town and have funnelled this passion for tradition and excellence into our new flagship brand ‘Crown Northampton’. The range features traditional British shoe designs , along with boots and shoes sculpted with modern trends in mind.

Draper of Glastonbury

is an established independent family owned company, founded in 1937. We are based in Glastonbury in the south west of England, traditionally the heart of England’s sheepskin industry. We are proud to say we are a fourth- generation family business, and have been manufacturing in our Glastonbury factory for over 80 years, now the oldest sheepskin footwear manufacturer in the United Kingdom. We specialise in luxurious natural products of sheepskin and leather, that provide both warmth and comfort, in traditional English designs, which are popular worldwide. Our footwear takes up to 4 weeks to manufacture, and we use only the finest materials available.

The ‘’Draper of Glastonbury’’ range consists of luxury boots and sheepskin slippers that are still hand crafted in the Glastonbury Factory using the finest materials and skills available and are sold throughout the world. Our products have been worn and appreciated by royalty and countless celebrities, though we don’t like to shout about it. We know our product is for those who appreciate the very best quality.

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