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Hourleaf Handmade Clocks
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Welcome to Hourleaf, where we make handmade art clocks. We believe that time is a gift, a gift which we can use to motivate, inspire and give. We believe the time should be used as a tool to drive us forward and to make us successful. We have been given a gift of life to do something special in our lives, given our time, we all should strive forward to succeed and “Leave a Mark“

West Midlands
Mobius Clocks
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The history of manufacturing in Coventry is well known but its Clock making history has left a less significant mark. Clock making in the city of Coventry was once more prolific than manufacturing itself. The Watch and Clock making industry began to grow from the 1740s up to about 1920. During this period Coventry was one of the main manufacturers in England and employed several thousand people.

Mobius clocks are bespoke, handmade products, inspired by history and designed for the future. The Mobius ‘Skeleton’ is a first generation luxury clock that combines innovative design with exlcusive customisation to create a harmonius display of art and time. Weighing just over 10kgs, we have drawn on many aspects of product design to construct a clock that will rejuvinate clock making. With bespoke features available, it is possible for the consumer to tailor their clock and make it the focal point of any room. The clock is powered by a mechanical clock movement and is also equipped with an underslung, 5 rod Westminster chime. Once wound the clock will keep accurate time for 8 days.

When you place an order with us we will make sure your requirements are translated into the manufacture of something exceptional.

Robert Loomes & Co

Loomes & Co are a small family firm of watchmakers. Based in Stamford, half way between London and York on the old Great North Road.
Loomes & Co are traditional English watchmakers. Every single component in our Robin range is made in this country and the watches are hand-built to order in Stamford. Each Robert Loomes watch is the product of hundreds of hours of machining, polishing, finishing and assembly.
Each watch we make takes hundreds of hours to build. From engraving the plates and jewelling the mechanism to polishing the cases.
Come and meet the guys and girls who make it happen. They’ll no doubt be happy to tell you how proud they are to manufacture a British watch in Stamford.

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