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Anna Soderstrom

On the Swedish island of Gotland, between limestone beaches and wind-torn pines, a knitting tradition, unbroken for centuries, quietly thrives. Shapes, patterns and techniques are passed down through the generations to be treasured and maintained. The knitters’ creativity is free and adventurous, but the raw material remains the wool of the island’s sheep that have lived alongside them since the Viking age.

Everything is made in our studio in London. Each piece is handcrafted using a combination of hand and machine knitting techniques and can take anything from a few hours to several weeks to complete. Once the knitting stage is finished the piece is hand washed and blocked. This involves laying the piece flat onto a board, carefully pinning it into its finished shape and letting it dry. The drying is done naturally and can take several days depending on the bulk of the piece and the temperature and humidity of the air.

Annabel James

We’re passionate about supporting British craftsmanship and this section is devoted to treasures which are ‘Made in Britain’.
Amongst the gorgeous gifts are luxury throws and cushions, jewellery hand-made in Oxfordshire, gardening gifts from Shropshire, crackers hand-made in Dorset, adorable baby outfits made in Wales and many more.

Many of our items can be gift-wrapped and we can send your gift directly to the recipient with a personalised card.

We all want a little luxury in our lives and whether you are looking for the perfect present or to treat yourself, we hope you will find a little something to enhance your life here.

Armitage Leather

I have been crafting leather goods since 1990 following traditional techniques to ensure the highest quality, with each item meticulously hand crafted to a level that has earned me the title, Master Leathersmith and Associateship to the Guild of Master Craftsmen.
Each item made is designed specifically to suit its purpose making each item unique.
Whilst this is reflected in the price, you can be assured that the item you receive will last a lifetime, potentially several.
You will not only receive a bespoke item for you to enjoy, you will be the guardian of an heirloom for years to come.
Each item is certified Handmade and is accompanied with a printed certificate to reflect this, and of course, its guarantee.
If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to make contact. There is no fee for design enquiries.

If you would like a bespoke item made you can email me at to discuss your needs.

Baker and Bray

Born and bred in the heart of London, Baker & Bray offers a range of bespoke luxury dog products promising high-quality fabrics and leathers sourced and made in the UK wherever possible. Thanks to a thorough design process, all our products deliver the highest quality, comfort and durability, with a unique British style.

Aside from our ready-to-wear clothing, collar & lead range we’re proud to offer custom tailored dog jackets. Bespoke tailoring gives you the opportunity to build-your-own jacket, choosing from existing designs, fabrics, and colours. Should you have something specific in mind, our team of tailors are on standby to provide a complete bespoke tailoring experience, helping you to create your own individual jacket.

The goal of Baker & Bray is simple, to change the face of canine couture.

Barka Parka

At BARKA PARKA we have never deviated from producing a high quality product that we are proud to have in our own home. Whilst in Australia we established BARKA PARKA as a cottage Industry so successfully that we seriously considered producing the bean beds full time UNTIL fate intervened. Lucas died suddenly in 1985 and we were free to return to the United Kingdom after 38 years down under.
Since 1986 our family business has flourished in a very competitive field because we satisfy the market’s long-standing need for eye-pleasing beds that last. Many of our clients come back to us time and time again as their pet families grow. We have supplied Harrods for 17 years and we export to many countries world-wide as well as individual customers abroad.
We believe our beds are unrivalled in the pet market – this is the reason we provide our TWO-YEAR GUARANTEE.

Beau Beau’s

Beau, the black Labrador, was the inspiration behind Beau Beau’s. He just loves to get wet at every opportunity! Beau Beau’s coats are designed and hand made from premises on the north coast of West Cornwall.

Our product range includes: dog rain macs, microfibre dog macs, fleece-lined winter coats, microfibre winter coats, fleece drying coats, waterproof memory foam dog beds, adjustable dog collars and dog leads.

We also specialise in Bespoke Dog Coats for those hard to fit hounds! Including these breeds… Chihuahua coats, Dachshund coats, Greyhound coats, Staffy coats, Tea cup dog coats, Afghan coats, Poodle coats, Pug coats, Cavalier King Charles coats, Corgi coats, Saluki coats, Whippet coats, Japanese Chin coats, Bull Terrier coats and many many more.

Bee Palace
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It’s not widely appreciated that solitary bees don’t swarm, don’t sting or make honey – therefore they don’t need any maintenance, just places to nest. It staggered me when I found out that it can take up to 20,000 honey bees to pollinate an acre of apple orchard, whereas it can take only 250 solitary bees.

Being familiar with some basic nesting homes for solitary bees that were available, the thought occurred to me that a better designed, longer lasting and more stylish nesting place would have much more appeal and that would also help raise the profile of the importance of these amazing pollinators. My idea was to create something very special that looks beautiful in a garden, patio or balcony.

Over the last 3 years I have worked with a friend, Duncan Green, to create such a home – the beepalace.

Made entirely in England by an artisan potter in Stoke-on-Trent the beepalace is slip cast in small batches and hand glazed. It is designed to be a focal point in a garden and to look attractive on its own or in group – just hang it on a wall or fence.

Remember, solitary bees are docile and will nest close to human activity. They very rarely use their weak sting and do not swarm.

Berkeley Cole

I am Berkeley, a rather dashing Dog of some distinction. I am honoured and delighted to introduce you to the Berkeley Cole range of innovative luxury dog beds (or as I prefer to call them…Snoozzers).

My range of luxury pet furniture brings together the stylish design of today’s premier homes with the growing pet market, offering a top quality pet product that truly enhances your interior design. If you love your pet, then this is the best pet bed in the world. If you love your home, then this complements your decor and saves your sofa from stray pet hairs.

The stunning Snoozzer designs are available in a range of shapes and sizes and combine leather and wool fabrics that are fully machine washable. You can also colour co-ordinate with matching throws and cushions.

This range of luxury motion cat and dog beds (Snoozzers) is a hand crafted, made-to-order, UK manufactured pet product. You choose the size, the shape and the colours and Berkeley Cole hand craft the perfect pet lounger for your pet.  Using our own UK manufacture to ensure the highest quality, and support the UK economy (it does need all the help it can get methinks), our business is finally bringing together the pet and home interior markets.

Berkeley Dog Beds

Berkeley Dog Beds is based near the village of Wherwell by the River Test in Hampshire. We have owned and worked Labrador gundogs for over 30 years. We are dog people and we understand the problems and frustrations that dog people like you face when searching for a premium quality dog bed.

We could never find a full range of dog beds that ‘ticked all the boxes’ or that were available from a single knowledgeable source.

We also noticed that although mattress technology for humans had progressed significantly – particularly in terms of joint care, most dog bed design was still stuck in the dark ages.

One day we sat down and thought that it might be a good idea to design our own product range …something special and completely new to the market.

All of our dog beds are designed to be stylish, practical, ultra-comfortable and are built to last. We simply do not understand why you should have to buy a new dog bed every few weeks or months. We want to make smelly, damp, shapeless, flimsy dog beds very much a thing of the past.

In short, Berkeley dog beds are designed to ensure that your valued pet has the best, most comfortable sleeping accommodation possible thus contributing to a longer, healthier and happier life.

We hope you like them!


BlossomCo is based in rural Leicestershire, England where we design and manufacture
handmade dog collars, leads and bandanas using unusual and gorgeous fabrics
in great combinations and with high quality fittings.

We only supply through retail outlets such as gift stores and department stores.
We sell in wholesale quantities.

To purchase one of our gorgeous collars or leads individually, please see our list of retailers

Our collars and leads are distinctive.

They provide a great option for dog owners looking for something stylish for their dog to be
seen wearing while out and about.

They make a subtle statement that like the collar itself, both the owner and their dog are highly individual.

Designed for everyday use (and indeed why not have a wardrobe full of them for every day of the week!) they
are a great accessory for dressing up your dog when attending special occasions too.

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