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Aero Leathers

Aero Leather Clothing Ltd, based in Scotland, have been manufacturers and sole distributors for the world famous Aero leather jackets since 1983, although it took a couple of years after we made the first Aero jacket in 1981. The current Aero company is a family business which was founded by Ken & Lydia Calder who still help to run the company and are still the major shareholders.
Extensive research and many years of manufacturing experience have gone into every aspect of the design and quality control of our jackets, to ensure that any garment bearing the “Aero Leather” label will provide decades of wear in the most hostile of environments and elements encountered in aviation, motorcycling, open top motoring and outdoor pursuits.
Every aspect of Aero is of the highest standard, the very best leather, selected and quality inspected by our technicians before they hand cut each individual panel. Then the lining is, again, carefully hand cut either from Alpaca wool, tweed, tartan, wool or silk. The leather panels and lining are then passed on to one of our sewing specialists who, on a traditional walking foot maching begins the process of constructing the item using stitching that is 3.25 times stronger than required. Once the item is built the specialist then puts his/her name to it and hands it to our Quality Inspector for the 28 point inspection that every item must undergo before leaving the premises.

Scottish Boarders
Billy Ruffian

We have always struggled to find good looking shoes that fit well at reasonable prices. So the idea of Billy Ruffian was born, fabulous shoes at sensible prices in large sizes.

Given our love of all things classic and traditional we simply had to include some ‘welted’ shoes in our collection but as usual at Billy Ruffian we wanted them to be exceptional. We have achieved this by making them using leathers from some of the world’s finest tanners; calf from Tannerie d’Annonay in France, suede from Charles F Stead in Leeds and Shell Cordovan from Horween in the USA. The results are simply fabulous; beautiful and timeless footwear that will offer incredible levels of comfort and durability…just so Billy Ruffian.

And the socks, beautifully made in England, striped for a bit of fun and odd because it’s always good to know there’s a bit of rebellion tucked away when conformity is the order of the day.



Broadland Slippers

Broadland Slippers has a workforce with over 150 years experience in the manufacturing of Handmade Slippers and House Shoes.

All of our products are hand crafted to the highest standards, using traditional techniques and the finest materials. We are only too happy to help you with any sizing questions to ensure your new velvet slippers offer that perfect fit.

Using the finest leathers, velvets and satin quilt, each and every pair of hand made slippers and house shoes are expertly cut out and lasted by hand using traditional established methods to the highest standards. Broadland Slippers offer velvet slippers with hand embroidered motifs in various styles which are meticulously created usinggold wire, silver wire and coloured silks. Available motifs include monograms, heraldic designs and family crests. We can also make slippers with your own design.

Celtic & Co.

At Celtic we are passionate about the craft of hand-making our boots, slippers and flip-flops. We’re proud to say that the skins we use to manufacture our sheepskin footwear are from British sheep. Always a by-product of the UK farming industry which operates within the highest regulations for animal welfare, we choose the finest sheepskin, making our products both ethical and high quality. These skins would otherwise be considered waste and farmers would have to pay for their disposal so we are proud to support British farmers with our products.
What sets us apart?

Handmade in Newquay – All our sheepskin boots and slippers are made in Cornwall with love and care.
100% Premium quality British sheepskin – We’re the only ones still doing it by hand here in Great Britain using British sheepskin.
Machine washable – Our sheepskin is specially treated so you can wash most of our boots and slippers to keep them looking as good as new.
Double-stitched seams – Constructed from up to 11 elements, all our sheepskin footwear is double-stitched for exceptional durability.
Durable soles – All our soles are hand cut from rubber so they’re flexible, shock-absorbing and extremely long lasting.
Re-sole & repair service – Unlike other sheepskin boots, ours can be re-soled and repaired – so you can enjoy your Celtic favourites for many years to come.

Our clothing and suppliers
We choose our suppliers based on their quality, use of natural materials and ethical sourcing and manufacture. We prefer to work with experts in their field, whether that is sheepskin outerwear, chunky knitwear or accessories.

Where possible our suppliers are based in the UK and we prefer to source as close to home as possible to both support British manufacturing and ensure minimum environmental impact.

Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones was founded in 1879, in Northampton, by Charles Jones and his brother-in-law, James Crockett.Now after more than 130 years Crockett & Jones’ shoes still retain the attention to detail, quality, comfort and durability that was the hallmark of their founders, Sir James Crockett and Charles Jones.

Crockett & Jones continue to export about 70% of the production. The expansion of the retail division together with on-going development of worldwide distribution has led to the brand becoming internationally established. The strong reputation of Crockett & Jones, which continues to flourish, is built on solid foundations and a great ethos started many generations ago. The fact that the business remains in the hands of the family who started it, ensures that the standards of the past are maintained today and lends a more personal touch to the fine shoes that they produce.

Crown Shoes

The Woodford family have been hand making quality boots and shoes since 1908. Established by my great great grandfather Earnest Woodford in London, the business later moved to the home of footwear: Northampton, England. Five generations on and we’re still producing quality hand-made footwear, using the fine materials and utilising knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation.

Over the years we’ve become world renowned for comfort and craftsmanship and approximately seventy per cent of our production is now exported worldwide. Using only the finest materials, all sourced from local leather merchants, we design, develop, and hand-make our shoes to the high standards set by both the town’s forefathers and the Woodford family.

As a proud Northampton company, we understand the rich and important shoemaking heritage of our town and have funnelled this passion for tradition and excellence into our new flagship brand ‘Crown Northampton’. The range features traditional British shoe designs , along with boots and shoes sculpted with modern trends in mind.

Ducker & Son

Housed in traditional shop premises in the very heart of the city, the name of Ducker & Son has for more than a century been synonymous with the pinnacle of the art of bespoke shoemaking.

The business was founded by Edward Ducker in 1898. He died in 1947 and left the business to his wife, who died two weeks later! A limited company was formed – the directors and shareholders of which now include Bob and Isobel Avery and also Hilary and Gillian who are descendants of Edward Ducker through the female line.

When Mr Ducker arrived in Oxford with his boot-making tools in 1898 he joined at least 20 other shoemakers in the city now there’s just one, and the company is one of very few traditional hand-sewn shoemakers outside the West End of London.

Duckers is a shop where all are welcome, from the young undergraduate looking for his first pair of ‘interview’ shoes, to someone looking for that extra special purchase!

Duke & Dexter

The original concept behind Duke & Dexter came from velvet slippers – but not in the way you might think. We loved the colours, variation, motifs and totally different styles that could be created from velvet slippers but wanted ones to wear everyday, for dress up and down occasions. What we didn’t like was the pretentious association of velvet slippers and their inflated price tag. It seemed as though they had to be either incredibly expensive or just cheap imitations.
So we decided to fill the gap ourselves by combining what is a traditionally British shoe with our own contemporary designs – inspired by colour trends, patterns and imagery from around the world.

Duke & Dexter is about individuals who value their wardrobe, fashion and distinct style, appreciating fine quality without the need to pay an unreasonable price for it.


Ede & Ravenscroft

Ede & Ravenscroft is thought to be the oldest firm of tailors in the world. In 1689, the area of London now known as Aldwych, was the bustling centre of the tailoring trade.

Ede & Ravenscroft has been tailors and robemakers of choice for twelve coronations. Today the firm continues to service royalty, the judiciary, civic authorities, academia and business.

A new range of contemporary and traditional men’s tailoring offers enduringly fashionable clothing with a perfectly tailored modern twist.

Whatever the occasion, our time-honoured methods steeped in 300 years of elegance style and character set us in good stead to continue to provide a level of service and understanding of tailoring that is as exceptional as the customers we serve.


All Grenson shoes are “Goodyear Welted”, a process invented in the 1800’s in England that is a time consuming way of making shoes, but means that the product lasts longer than any other type of shoes. It also means that the shoe can be re-soled many times over making them a wonderful investment.

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