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2rike Prototype

The 2rike prototype is now complete and on the road, it has exceeded all expectations and drives like a true sports car. I am constantly testing and developing new ideas on it.

The 2rike prototype is very much hand built to suit me, it has a fixed driving position with no adjustment, essentially it’s a vehicle to test and prove the many unique features and concept of the 2rike.
2rike production
I am now working on the next stage, which is a batch of three chassis/body kits that will be to the same high specification as the prototype, but with more leg room and an adjustable pedal box.

I am looking to make the kit as cost-effective as possible by using more laser cut parts, assembly fixtures and the economy of scale of producing 3 chassis /body kits. I hope to offer them for sale later in the year.
2rike production update
After an intensive six months of production engineering with new build jigs and fixtures made to facilitate the production of the new 130mm longer 2rike that can now cater for taller drivers up to 6 foot tall.
The first of the three chassis/body panel kits is now ready for sale.

427 Motor Company

We’ve been producing Cobra 427 replicas for over 30 years and we have sold over 4000 kits to date. We were the 1st UK manufacturer to offer a productionised Cobra 427 replica back in 1983.

Our focus on innovation and commitment to our cars improvement has consistently kept us at the head of the field.

With our customers having more choice than ever before, both the De Dion chassis incorporating the high-tech (and patented) Camber Compensation and Anti-Roll front suspension are offered alongside Dax’s existing IRS ladderframe chassis.

While the standard frame has been superbly developed over the years, the De Dion chassis offers levels of grip, composure and ride quality that have to be experienced to be believed.

Both our chassis and bodies are made in-house, with high heat resistant resin to improve the quality and longevity of the panel finish. Being able to supply you with everything to complete a car, from nuts and bolts to complete interior trim packages.

If building your own car is not for you we also offer the option of having your dream car professionally built onsite to your specification by our highly skilled team of mechanics ready for you to drive away.

A B Performance

With the completion of the G2 Sabre we now are in a position to offer the car as a factory built turnkey unit or a comprehensive modular package for self build.

In this section you will find details for both the turnkey car and the self build modules

Each module is is broken down into its relative assemblies and comes complete so no additional parts are required

Our time spent designing, drawing and machining mean that the self build option is easily achieved using a normal comprehensive tool kit and does nor require access to welding, milling and heavy fabrication equipment, in short you should be nut and bolting components together.

A K Sportscars

AK Sportscars Ltd – otherwise known as Jon (the boss), Wendi (the real boss), Trigger (the right hand man) Bob, Joe, Mitchell and Martin and Ed (the real workers) Danni and Molly ( the part timers) Dougie our trimmer and Carla in the office keeping us all in order. An average family affair – NO – we are passionate about our product – the AK 427..

AC-New Build

This AC 427 Street Car is a prime example of the high standards of build and finish of the Continuation Series Car by AC Heritage and Brooklands Motor Company.

Aluminium hand-crafted body and chassis produced on the original Thames Ditton Factory tooling and drawing specifications in the United Kingdom.

To discuss your New Build AC requirements please call Steve Gray on 07860 912217 oe email:

ADR Engineering

The ADR3 series is a complete range of purpose-built race cars. With high performance, innovative engineering, these cars allow for interchangeability between bike and automotive engines. The cars also demonstrate the quality of the CAD design, race engineered chassis and components and the fit and finish of the wind tunnel-proven body shells.

The ADR3 race cars are eligible to compete in a variety of championships and race series around the world, including the UK, USA and Europe.


Advanced Innovative Engineering

Advanced Innovative Engineering are the latest incarnation of a development, design and manufacturing heritage that stretches back to Norton in the 1960s and beyond. Our combined 80 year’s experience in engineering research and design across a number of industries means that we can offer you a wealth of world-class knowledge and expertise that you won’t find elsewhere. To find out more call +44 1543 420700 or keep reading for more benefits of our products and services.

When you speak to AIE you can be safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with experienced professionals who are market leaders in the applications of rotary engines. You’ll benefit from unique, patented technology. And, with huge experience in conceptualising and designing new products we’ll see your project from design and prototype phase through to full development, test and manufacture.

Aeon Sportscars

GT3 Aero

Fantastically enthralling to drive and potentially very quick depending on engine choice. And trust us, you’ll love the central driver’s seat.
From £10,500.

Also available is the GT² Aero , a two-seater model of the same car.
From £10,500.

GT3 Coupe

Three-seat layout may be a novelty, but as a sports car the Aeon is anything but. It offers a unique driving experience and is a talented performer too.
From £12,000.

Also available is the GT² Coupe , a two-seater model of the same car.
From £12,000.


Aero Cycle Cars


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Aero Cycle Cars manufactures the  Aero Merlin,  Beetleback and Barrelback model The Aero Cycle Car is a classic replica of the Morgan three wheeler. Aero Cycle Cars use Moto Guzzi engines, in a space frame chassis clad in aluminium. Aero Cycle Cars are uniquely handmade three wheelers recreating the flair and nostalgia of the 1930s. The

Aero Merlin is powered by 850/950/1064cc engines and we can build you a complete car in turn-key guise, fully tested and registered, or simply a rolling chassis…or you build it yourself. If you constructed airfix kits or used Meccano as a child (some of us still do both)…you can build one of these.Why Aero Merlin? Not only did Morgan themselves call one of their own models “The Aero”, but I decided long ago that the three wheeler fits in with my aviation interests in general, and my interest in all aeroplanes powered by the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. The company logo reflects Merlin the bird after which the Merlin engine was named of course, and Merlin, the “Arthurian” wizard.Arthur Rayner



Allard Motor Company

This new car is an authentic Allard, built by Allards at Allards, with a continuation ‘dormant’ Allard chassis number 72/7108XK and assisted by original Allard Motor Company engineers. Apart from the original cars, you can’t get more authentic than that.

The body will be all aluminium, hand rolled and formed on new bucks, which are being manufactured after 3D scanning the Mk.2 Palm Beach bodyshell. The doors and all other outer and inner panels are formed in aluminium and fabricated and welded by Lloyd Allard, in the Allard workshops, as are all the other aluminium components, such as radiator and fuel tank.

Allard plan to build only a very small number of these cars. Each car will be hand built by skilled engineers and craftsmen and can be tailored to match the requirements of individual owners, in respect of engine, transmission, trimming and bodywork colour. A likely powerplant will be a Jaguar 3.4 straight six engine.

The images show the recently restored Mk2 prototype, which the Mk 3 will closely resemble. Also shown are images of the new rolling chassis for the Mk3.


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