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4160 Tuesdays

Hello. Welcome to 4160Tuesdays, the London home of our handmade scents. Our fragrances all have a bit of attitude; we make them to capture times and places – real and imaginary – that make us happy. We hope they’ll make you feel good too. 

Our fragrances are all handmade, bottled and wrapped at our own workshop in Acton, West London. Our founder, Sarah McCartney, set up 4160Tuesdays in 2011 and creates all our perfumes. We also collaborate with creative directors including Victor Wong of Zoologist, Jason and Rich of Handsome London, and Reek.

We’re doing our best to make adventurous, beautiful fragrances using lovely materials – we’re open about using both naturals and synthetics because we think that blending both makes the most interesting perfumes. We keep them affordable because we like our friends to be able to buy them. (If you’d like one of your own, that’s a bit more expensive, but we love to do that too.) If you’re truly looking for something different, welcome to our scented scene.


58 Lifestyle

Handcrafted in London from a carefully selected blend of aromatic oils and the finest pure ingredients, our lifestyle range of skincare, body products, room fragrances and candles have been formulated to balance mind, body and soul. We believe that nature can provide us with everything we need to nourish and support our wellbeing. Our consciously crafted blends are organic wherever possible,free from parabens, sulphates and harsh additives.

58 Lifestyle Products are brought to you by the experts at 58 Wellbeing Centre, offering an extension of our core belief that wellbeing should be applied to all areas of your life. Using a unique blend of pure and natural ingredients, sourced organically whenever possible, our carefully crafted products have been blended to balance and soothe mind, body and soul. Live well with 58.

A Basket of Bees

Welcome to the “A Basket of Bees” family run e-Shop, where you can buy our high quality handmade natural body care, using Products of the Hive from our bees sited in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Honey has been used for skin care for thousands of years, tried and tested, it naturally moisturises and aids repair by feeding your skin.
Beeswax encourages new skin cells, helping sores and grazes heal, and leaves a waterproof layer, helping protect your natural body oils, so they can help with Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry and Sensitive skin. These are made by us, so we know what is in them and you can trust what you buy. Please take a few moments to look at our About Us and Product Information pages to see why we feel our Natural Skin and Hair Care is better and more personal than the big brands.
All soap, Shower gel, Shampoo, Cream and flavoured lip balm, have Honey and or Beeswax, which is gentle on the skin and works with the body. We also produce solid beeswax candles which look and smell wonderful in their own right and give a gentle aroma of honey when lit.

Actesso Medical Supports

Welcome to the Actesso Medical Supports website. We are delighted you have chosen to review our products and look forward to receiving your order very soon. Actesso offers an extensive range of high performance and competitively-priced medical supports, made predominantly in the UK. In the years since its formation, Actesso has rapidly and successfully grown, and is currently based in Hampshire, at the Basepoint Business Centre in Gosport near Portsmouth.

Please check with us which of the products in our range are made in the UK.
Backed by professionals
We’re supported by professionals with more than 25 years’ experience who work with NHS clinicians to develop new products. We believe that this is a testament to our credibility, knowledge and customer-centred approach.

We’re connected to an industry which supports the NHS along with the constant introduction of new and dynamic medical supports. Our core products are made in the UK and designed in conjunction with NHS clinicians. These UK-made products are registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK) as a Class 1 Medical Device.
Speedy Service
Our customers are local, national and overseas so our deliveries are sent far and wide on a daily basis.


My name is Sara Young. I live in Cornwall, and I am the founder of Afyna.I’m a professional spa therapist and spa manager, and I want the very best spa quality organic products to be available to everyone. To me the best means:
it’s certified organic
it gives visible anti-ageing results
it’s ethically sourced and produced
it doesn’t contain any hidden nasties such as parabens or SLS
it’s easy to use with no fuss, so that you can get up and go in the morning
it’s competitively priced

I couldn’t find anything that did all of the above, so at the beginning of 2014 I set up Afyna with two friends, Richard Carter and Steve Delo. We launched in May 2014, and have never looked back.
My reputation depends on every Afyna product making people feel great every time which is why I personally oversee everything we make, and why we’ll never outsource production to anyone else

Albus & Flora

every day – beauty in small things
fresh air, a great view, a product that performs for you anywhere – we take pleasure in the small things that make all the difference to a day.

our products are timesaving yet pleasurable, luxurious yet everyday, beautiful yet effortless.
every season – let’s go outside
all our products contain high-performance sun protection designed for every day, not just holiday.

ALBUS & FLORA makes it beautifully simple to fit UVA and UVB protection into your daily routine.
every adventure – seize the moment
inspired by alpine plants’ ability to adapt to changing conditions, our modern botanical formulas help your skin to do the same.

at work or play, adventures large or small – make the most of every day.


Alice Home

Welcome to Alice Home, we are a family run business based in the heart of North Staffordshire. Our products are all handmade and packaged in our workshop which is situated within the exquisite Fenton Town Hall.

We make an alluring range of beautiful scented soy candles, tea lights and accompanying wax melts along with a selection of traditionally handmade soaps and cosmetic products. We recently introduced our luxury range of reed diffusers and room mists in four sophisticated aromas.

We use the finest soy wax and fragrance oils and make all of our candles in small batches, this ensures that every candle we produce is to the highest quality. The soy wax burns for up to twice as long as traditional paraffin wax and because it is made from vegetable oil, it’s much healthier for humans, pets and the environment.

Our range of soaps are made using the purest natural ingredients and like our candles they are made in small batches to ensure quality. Our premium base soaps are made using a high quality, Shea butter base to create a smooth, gentle foaming bar, whereas our off the bar soaps are made using a traditional cold press method. Due to the nature of the natural process of our off the bar soaps, each batch takes 4 weeks to produce but the results are worth the wait, the natural bars are smooth, delicate and moisturising on dry skin while other natural ingredients gently exfoliate and refresh.

AllSports Nutrition

Allsports Nutrition was established in 1971 and for the last 42 years has worked closely with top athletes to tailor-make the wide range of products that we have available. We are the longest established UK sports nutrition supplements company.
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to supply a 90% dairy protein formula
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to manufacture our own protein blends
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to use whey protein.

Our Philosophy

We are a family owned and run business, passionate about our products and our customers. We maintain close relationships with leading cyclists, athletes and bodybuilders who provide us with valuable feedback about our products and help us test new products both in training and in competition.
We are specialists in the manufacture of protein and carbohydrate powder blends not only for serious competing athletes but also for everyday general fitness trainers.
We are proud of the fact that we make all of our own powder blends at our premises in South Yorkshire.
Whilst most other supplements are created in large manufacturing plants abroad and mixed in large volumes, we mix in small batches using tumbler blenders. This ensures better quality control and a more uniform distribution of nutrients, which produces a far superior blend. This also means that we can guarantee that there is no cross contamination between products during manufacture and none of our products contain any banned substances – a very important factor for competing athletes.

South Yorkshire
Amara Natural Skincare

Amara speciality soaps especially good for soothing dry itchy skin and eczema are: Oatmilk & Butter, Cedarwood and Black Jack.
Today, my natural range has expanded to include nourishing facial oils, eye make up remover, body butter, body balms, body mousse, body massage oils, exfoliating scrubs, bath bombs, an enzymatic dry face mask, moisturising bath soaks, bath melts and shower scrubbies. I will also be launching a hair conditioner in the not too distant future.
I am passionate about developing and selling my range of products that are natural, safe and wonderful for the skin, but are also luxurious and feel so fabulous. Because Amara Soaps & Natural Skincare is a small company, the whole product range is not currently displayed on the website, but do read the ‘Newsletter’ for the latest additions. Products can be ordered online, by telephone, post or email. I exhibit at Craft & Gift fairs throughout the year and also offer sampling parties in customers’ homes, and I am happy to discuss particular requirements and gift box presentations.

Anne Northern Botanicals

Anne Northern Botanicals is a natural and organic skin care company. Made in Yorkshire, our beautifully hand crafted products are derived from organic and natural ingredients.

Established in 1986 the company has launched this new range of products.   They are based on the healing properties of vegetable and essential oils and balms. Oils such as Rose, Geranium and Rosehip are used to make perfect blends for the face both in oils and creams.   There is something for everyone.

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