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A Basket of Bees

Welcome to the “A Basket of Bees” family run e-Shop, where you can buy our high quality handmade natural body care, using Products of the Hive from our bees sited in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Honey has been used for skin care for thousands of years, tried and tested, it naturally moisturises and aids repair by feeding your skin.
Beeswax encourages new skin cells, helping sores and grazes heal, and leaves a waterproof layer, helping protect your natural body oils, so they can help with Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry and Sensitive skin. These are made by us, so we know what is in them and you can trust what you buy. Please take a few moments to look at our About Us and Product Information pages to see why we feel our Natural Skin and Hair Care is better and more personal than the big brands.
All soap, Shower gel, Shampoo, Cream and flavoured lip balm, have Honey and or Beeswax, which is gentle on the skin and works with the body. We also produce solid beeswax candles which look and smell wonderful in their own right and give a gentle aroma of honey when lit.


In a world where so much is artificial Abbeyhorn serves as a reminder of just how wonderful and appealing natural products can be. Using traditional methods our skilled horn carvers produce a range of quality goods that are both captivating and functional.

Each year, here at Abbeyhorn, there is a frenetic cycle of inspiration, creativity and discovery followed by feverish research, development and testing – then (pause) a collected gathering of breath…

Why I hear you ask?  Well the answer is simple – so we can deliver, for you, a new and exciting fresh range of products, from the purely practical to the utterly indulgent.

Abigail Shama Ceramics
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I come to ceramics from painting. The shift has been grounding as well as gratifying, as I hope the work itself is.

As with a painting, pots tell stories through surface. The clay body is an object which can be touched and lifted, offering up a new surface for texture and painting. These are one off, wheel thrown, stoneware bowls. Their shape is born out of the Chinese Monk’s Begging Bowl. Any bowl is basic and universal in its meaning.

Eating. Sharing. Offering. Giving.

The process of building up and then turning the form creates their skin and character. I rely on the processes of slipping and chattering; words which describe human contact. These pieces are about imprinting the imperfect, unexpected and unrepeatable marks of a human hand on the most primal and unchanging material.

So, these vessels, I hope offer themselves up to being handled and enjoyed.

Abott & Ellwood
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hand printed metal jewellery, clocks and sculpture
michael abbott + kim ellwood

We work together in our studio workshop overlooking the hills to the ocean just outside St Ives in Cornwall. The light here on the north coast is always magical, the sea a bright turquoise and the landscape’s always wild.

Our hand printed figurative brooches, necklaces and clocks with themes including the garden and the sea, are made to wear, display and hopefully to bring a smile! Our one-off hand printed metal sculptures explore narrative themes loosely drawn… individual characters emerge through the process of making, using images printed onto metal and found objects to tell a new story.

Age Of Reason

Age of Reason is a UK luxury print label with an emphasis on quality, sustainability and ethics. Born as a scarf studio it has evolved to add womenswear and homeware.


Our designer Ali Taylor Mapletoft, a former London filmmaker, uses confident strokes of pen and ink to create striking hand-rendered prints in her Brighton studio. Provenance is key to Ali’s production, the majority of which is undertaken by a small UK team. Taking inspiration from literature, historical costume, pop-culture and her African childhood in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, Ali applies a quintessentially British style to her contemporary collections. Her works often include, historical drawing, hidden messages, and a dash of punk attitude.

Alexeena Cayless

Alexena Cayless makes contemporary furniture and giftware inspired by her love of traditional crafts and heritage. Her collection includes furniture made from leather Brogue show patterns, silver fish and chip forks in Rosewood cases and tweed iPad cases.

Alexena has been making furniture since 2006 and previous clients include the Design Museum and Liberty. Before launching her own collection Alexena was a founding member of the acclaimed British design collective Farm.

All Thing Good
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Hand made wooden furniture and gifts using reclaimed/recycled wood…

My passion has always been to create, pencil draw and paint and my husbands passion is woodwork. We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to combine our passions into a small personal Art, wooden furniture and gift business.
We are fortunate to work from home in Rural Mid-Wales. Whilst Duncan is making the furniture and small gift items in our workshop, I get involved with some of the fret work and can be painting and drawing in my studio and shop.
Our ‘Shed shop’ and ‘Studio/shop’ are open and we welcome visitors.
We also display and sell our goods at the Dyfi Arts Guilds gallery and shop, Y Plas, Machynlleth – – where you can also buy my hand painted cards and wooden key rings.
I also paint ‘Pet portraits’ on paper, canvas and on furniture items, particularly the milking stools which make a lovely personal gift. Please see my face book page for up to date news and follow us –
We share ideas and between us create new things, in the hope that others will enjoy for themselves or get enjoyment and pleasure buying for dear friends, family and/or loved ones…go on and have a peep and treat yourselves! 🙂

Mid Wales
Allen Brown Jewellery

Since 1986, Allen has lead a team of designer-makers who all work on the jewellery collections and commission pieces. This allows us to give design and technical advice to customers when they are visiting us, advising them on the suitability of stones and settings to help their ideas become a beautifully-crafted piece of bespoke jewellery. In our jewellery gallery which was created Spring 2015, we give our customers the opportunity to view firsthand our jewellery being made on the premises.

For each bespoke item and collection piece, we sketch and develop several different ideas, taking traditional techniques and settings one step further to discover the most appropriate piece for each stone so that its shape, facets and colour are displayed to the best advantage. The result is stunning pieces of precious jewellery both beautiful and practical, making them timeless favourites for our customers.

Please call into our Jewellery Gallery in Swinfen, Lichfield or contact us for more information. You are also able to view our workshop where all our jewellery is made.

An English Hand

45 Degrees of Separation is our new collection that takes traditional fabrics and breaks all the rules. These ties are iconoclastic, anti-establishment and non-conformist; they reflect the zeitgeist for a modern irony in dressing while still referencing the past. Ties for the free-thinker, the artist, the architect, the poet; not for them the oppressive symbol of the wage-slave!
We are passionate about the quality of our belts. Leather working is one of the crafts still alive and well in England and differs from our European neighbours in being more solid and built to last. We use the best English oak-tanned English bridle leather from J&E Sedgwick & Co. one of the last and best tanneries in the UK and hand-cast buckles in brass, pewter and solid Sterling silver. Absolute attention to detail includes hand stitching in our signature duck egg blue linen thread.
Cufflinks and watches are really the only expression of jewellery a man of integrity can make, we have chosen a small collection of exquisite and understated pieces hand made by craftsmen jewellers in the British Isles and quite suitable for any discerning man. Also the softest cashmere socks you ever did feel…

Annabel Chaffer

Since early 1990 The Annabel Chaffer Collection, founded by an international fashion model, has endeavoured to create a Designer Accessory and Gift Collection that captures the best of English heritage, elegance, style and luxury within one quintessentially British website.

Our Design Team work closely with renowned British craftsmen and leading designers, with whom we are privileged to be associated and many of whom hold more than one royal warrant and prestigious design award, to bring you an ever evolving selection of timeless classic and contemporary handcrafted pieces many of which you will not find elsewhere.
Behind the majority of the products you will see on our website are the fruits of hard-learned skills and techniques that our craftsmen and craftswomen have been taught through long apprenticeships in small family businesses and workshops, along with years of enhancing those skills through patient self-taught techniques at the production stage. The resulting high quality of the goods not to mention the very best of raw materials is testament to all the years through which they have learned their respective trades. For most of our craftsmen and craftswomen, this is a lifetime trade as they have known no other trade. Some of the small workshop businesses have been existence for hundreds of years, with a number going back nearly 250 years.

A percentage of our profits are donated each year to benefit various charities.

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