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Angel Cottage Organics

We set up Angel Cottage Organics at Angel Cottage Farm in South Wiltshire in 2004. The success of our award winning chicken, our lamb and pork meant we soon grew out of our very small smallholding! In 2012 we moved Angel Cottage Organics to Haddon Copse Farm in the heart of Dorset’s Blackmore Vale. Our 30 acres of land is certified organic by the Soil Association, the largest and most stringent governing body for organic farming in the country.
We farm chickens for meat and eggs; a flock of Dorset Down sheep, chosen for their temperament, local character and quality of meat; traditional Oxford Sandy & Black pigs, Ruby Red Devon cattle and both turkeys and geese for the Christmas table.
Careful management of our environment is at the heart of everything we do: our animals enjoy the highest possible standards of care; we manage our hedgerows and pastures in ways which benefit wildlife; we are working hard to ensure that the fertility of our soil provides lush, nutrient rich grass on which our animals will thrive and we carefully restoring the pond which lies in the copse after which the farm is named.
We believe passionately in making the most of all that our farm offers and so as well as our delicious meat, we also sell beautiful lamb skin rugs and an original range of our own wool blankets and throws. During the winter of 2013 we planted over two acres of organic apple orchards which will, in time, allow us to press delicious juice, as well as making a home for our first bee hives and providing an ideal environment for our chickens.
We are delighted that the quality of our produce has been recognised with awards from Taste of the West, Great Taste and Taste of Dorset where we won Best Food Producer, Best Food Business and an award for Innovation in 2014.
We’d love you taste some of what Angel Cottage Organics has on offer…

Anniversary House Cake Decorations

Anniversary House Cake Decorations is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of cake decorations and disposable tabletop, with a comprehensive range of design led products. Established in 1953, Anniversary House has since been at the forefront of specialist cake decoration design and distributorship to the retail trade. Based in Bournemouth, Dorset; we are proud of our British Heritage and believe this is core to our 60 year success within the cake decorations market.

Here at ‘Anniversary House’ we are proud of our British Heritage; all of our sugar-craft products are handmade here in Dorset by our specialist expert team. This has been the basis of our umbrella company Creative Party since 1953… almost 60 years strong and still at the forefront of sugarcraft cake toppers; creating innovative and appealing designs year after year.
Our excellent sugarcraft is 100% handcrafted handmade by our specialist team, manufacturing gorgeous cake decorations for the retail trade; with clients including household brands ‘John Lewis’ and ‘Lakeland

Belvoir Fruit Farms

We make naturally delicious Cordials, Pressés and Fruit Crushes at our home in the gorgeous Leicestershire countryside.

Mary Manners, the wife of our founder Lord John Manners, started making cordials in her kitchen in the Seventies by infusing the elderflowers and pressing the fruit grown on the farm. Since then, Belvoir has carried on the same infusing, pressing and cooking of fresh flowers, fruits and spices, which are then blended with local spring water to make our delicious drinks. We never compromise on quality, and choose only the best ingredients. Everything that goes into our drinks is real and natural with nothing artificial at all.

Big 5 Sauces

Big 5 Sauces, Marinades and Foods are inspired by our South African roots. We aim to produce quality products that are fresh, unique and packed with flavours representing our
diverse nation.
Made with the highest quality ingredients from the heart of the motherland, each sauce label contains a unique African animal that depicts the distinct character of the sauce.
Chippenaise. It’s a perfect accompaniment with fries, baked potatoes, fish, calamari, or serve as a dipping sauce with veggies or even as a creamy salad dressing.
The Fruit Chutney, based on a century old recipe, is extremely versatile accompaniment that can be used to enhance the flavor in either meatloaf, hamburgers, pasta salads, as a dipping sauce for meatballs, or serve with curries and the infamous Bobotie.
Grill Basting sauce.This is the catch all sauce with tomato base that is great for basting or marinating beef, pork or chicken.
Peri Peri sauce. Use it either as a basting sauce or a marinade on either chicken, pork chops, or shrimp. This ketchup is a hot commodity and a must have in every fridge to dress up the perfect hotdog.
Sweet Lips. The South African version of a Memphis sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.
Sweet Chilli. This diamond in the rough is our signature sneak attack and absolutely addictive.
Sweet Chilli Mayo. A perfect addition to potato salad or enjoy on top of a bake potato.

Blue Sauces

At BLUE we believe that good food means tasty, nutritious products that can be made from produce grown in harmony with nature, not in spite of it. We are a small family fruit farm on the Shropshire-Welsh border where blueberries, apples and other fruit flourish. We produce all of our syrups, sauces, dressings and drinks mixers here on the farm in a purpose built kitchen nestled amongst the fields where the blueberries are grown.

The flavours behind our products have been inspired by my time spent growing up in south-east Asia; the delicate fusion of oriental spices and European herbs creates delightful combinations that are guaranteed to excite everyone’s taste buds!  Our products are made using traditional techniques and do not contain artificial flavourings or preservatives, just lots of natural goodness. The ethos behind our products is versatility, whilst each product was originally designed with a specific purpose in mind they can all be used in a multitude of different ways.

We use ecologically sustainable farming methods and do not use insecticides, in fact insects are actively encouraged with the seeding of clover and wild flowers between the rows of blueberry plants.  All our fruit is hand-picked and chilled immediately to ensure that the full flavour of the berries comes though into all of our products.  We are very proud that we can distribute work back into the community and employ university students to help in the fields, picking, weeding and planting.

Blue Tin Produce

In 2002, we set about rearing our own meat to supply ourselves, our families and friends as an experiment after becoming increasingly frustrated with the quality of the meat available from the supermarkets. Jed had worked within farming and on the farm itself for 25 years and had always had a keen interest in rearing his own animals, in particular pigs.

Blue Tin Produce is a small family-run free range farm in Ipsden rearing fantastic quality, rare breed meats using natural, traditional methods in a beautiful Oxfordshire setting.

We sell free range Gloucester Old Spot pork, Dexter beef, lamb & mutton by the joint or as half or whole animals, butchered to your requirements. Also a range of handmade sausages, smoked and unsmoked bacon, gammons, pork & apple burgers, mutton burgers and many other goodies available fresh or frozen.

From our original list of produce which was essentially home reared meat, cake & chutney, we now stock over 40 different lines of accompaniments and gifts alongside our meats including cards and candlesticks, local honey, fresh bread, brownies, meringues, local cheese, conserves, jams, jellies, recipe books, veg, fresh free range eggs, blankets and pottery to name a few. We currently source as much of our produce as we can from within 5 miles of the shop – this is difficult but there is an amazing talent of creative and productive people on our doorstep.

Bluestone Brewery

Bluestone Brewing is a family run brewery tucked away in rural North Pembrokeshire, Wales. Our pipe dream of owning a Micro Brewery has actually become a reality and it’s awesome seeing Bluestone growing stronger every day.
We brew our ales from big bold ingredients in the rough and rocky foothills of the Bluestone mountains to create a quality beer that’s big on flavour and big on attitude.
How do we make such bold, brilliant Ales we hear you ask? The answer – four top quality ingredients & a lot of love.  Our artisan beers are lovingly crafted by hand by people that care about their beer – for people who feel the same.

Boka Food

Boka Food is a young innovative company devoted to producing healthy but great tasting snacks. All of our products are low in sugar, making them guilt free as well as delicious to eat!
Be one of the first to try our delicious Boka range.

Dive into the Boka Snack Drawer to choose your favourite flavour.

Vote and register to receive some Boka Bar samples as soon as they become available.

Bonny Confectionery

Our business concept is to hand make gourmet marshmallows but with a twist. We love to experiment and try out new things and our recipes are inspired from all over the world… particularly Germany and Hong Kong / Taiwan, our home countries. We follow a natural approach to gourmet marshmallow manufacture and our marshmallows reflect the fun and enthusiasm for new ideas we love.

The idea behind `Bonny` our little mascot: she reminds us of how our friendship and business venture began: our little girls. Saying that, she is much more quiet and slightly more grown up… Thank god ; ). Bonny is now ready to turn heads of the small and big children of Britain. And so far successfully. Bonny`s biggest catch this year: our new family member aka Bonny`s sugar granddaddy Alistair. Bonny turned his head and with a little push by her creators she is now taking on the world with new force!

Indeed our Bonny gourmet marshmallows are so incredibly versatile. There is an endless scope for new gourmet marshmallow varieties and flavours. We are planning to introduce an alcoholic gourmet marshmallow range for our Marshmallow Melt Dippers with the likes of Jamaican Rum and Whisky & Chocolate. We are also working on a gourmet marshmallow tasting club project where our tasters/members can subscribe to gourmet marshmallow taster boxes trailing exclusive gourmet marshmallow varieties involving crunchy topping, chocolate coatings and even fillings…

Brambleberry Jam

Our preserves are an excellent choice to go alongside other foods. Use our chutneys alongside a cheeseboard, our pudding sauces on your ice-cream and our Jams on delicious freshly baked breads…

I have been growing fruit and vegetables and cooking for as long as I remember, my earliest memories are in my grandparents greenhouse with the smell of fresh tomatoes with me aged about 2 years old and my interest never wained. Over the years I have twice had an allotment for veg growing but am now in a very fortunate situation where I live with a garden surrounding my own house with a south facing sheltered back garden. I cook my homegrown fruit and vegetables into delicious jams, sauces and cordials for my own family. Throughout 2015 a new group #ArtisanNI was started and I am an active member of this group for artisan food makers.

Northern Ireland
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