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AllSports Nutrition

Allsports Nutrition was established in 1971 and for the last 42 years has worked closely with top athletes to tailor-make the wide range of products that we have available. We are the longest established UK sports nutrition supplements company.
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to supply a 90% dairy protein formula
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to manufacture our own protein blends
1st sports nutrition company in the UK to use whey protein.

Our Philosophy

We are a family owned and run business, passionate about our products and our customers. We maintain close relationships with leading cyclists, athletes and bodybuilders who provide us with valuable feedback about our products and help us test new products both in training and in competition.
We are specialists in the manufacture of protein and carbohydrate powder blends not only for serious competing athletes but also for everyday general fitness trainers.
We are proud of the fact that we make all of our own powder blends at our premises in South Yorkshire.
Whilst most other supplements are created in large manufacturing plants abroad and mixed in large volumes, we mix in small batches using tumbler blenders. This ensures better quality control and a more uniform distribution of nutrients, which produces a far superior blend. This also means that we can guarantee that there is no cross contamination between products during manufacture and none of our products contain any banned substances – a very important factor for competing athletes.

South Yorkshire
The Great Outdoor Gym Co.

The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO for short) is a UK based company on a mission to create happy, healthy communities and nurture the planet we live on.

TGO is a family business formed in January 2007 by Georgie, Matt, John and Kathy with hundreds of outdoor gyms successfully installed in over 12 countries. Manufacturing wholly in the UK, TGO’s highlights include rolling out Olympic gyms for London 2012 and its new green energy gyms which are outdoor gyms that generate electricity.

Prior to TGO there was no outdoor fitness equipment designed for all ages nor standards for the concept and the industry was largely unregulated, dominated by Chinese exporters.

Matt, ex London Director of Sport England, PE teacher and professional basketball player wanted to help communities get more active by offering high quality training facilities in every community. He is driven in his role as MD and feels even more empowered to help people now he is in the private sector. “I feel we have a real opportunity to transform local parks and playing fields into health and wellbeing spaces for the whole community and tackle health issues from the angle of prevention rather than cure”

John, an experienced lawyer, wanted TGO to offer products where users were as safe as possible and customers were protected by choosing a company that had done its due diligence. “It’s exciting to be pioneering British standards and manufacturing in Britain to offer customers a trusted facility”.

Georgie, whose training was in Industrial design at the University of London, embraced John and Matt’s values for a safe high quality gym facilities in communities. She also wanted to design a range that was inclusive and green. “I absolutely love my job as Creative Director. I feel we are changing the modern park setting for the better. We have set the bench mark for outdoor gyms and are excited about our new generation of gyms that generate electricity.”

From the outset, Team TGO, pioneered outdoor gyms that met play standards to make outdoor gyms suitable for unsupervised park spaces where children are likely to access them. TGO adopted inclusive fitness standards and indoor training standards. In absence of a European standard, TGO then worked with the BSI on an outdoor gym product specification PAS888 to give customers protection when specifying their gym equipment to ensure it was as safe, inclusive and well tested.

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