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14 Bike Company

HERITAGE14 Bike Co are in pursuit of a dream, to restore the world’s admiration for British made bikes.Since 2007 14 Bike Co have been associated with the quest for excellence and the pursuit of cycling perfection. They enlisted help from the best designers in the flourishing London fixed bike scene, and set out to create a range of the best and most enviable bikes on the market. Fourteen now supports riders and events all over the world. Given the longevity and strength of these relationships, Fourteen is seen not merely as a sponsor, but also as a partner.Conceived, designed, manufactured and tested by 14 Bike Co, London. The only way to ensure every part, every element and every assembly meets our own impossible standards. Not the easiest way to make a bike. Building British is about more than just knowing the products, it’s about the restoration and expansion of the British bike making industry. 14 Bike Co are part of a movement to bring back the best of what Britain has to offer.

8 Ball Cyclery

The Mystic 8Ball Cyclery is a bespoke bicycle maker that has become known for its modern day take on the Path Racer style of cycle made popular in the early 1900s by the likes of cycling legends such as Marshall ‘Major’ Taylor and Jack Lauterwasser.

Made from carefully selected materials and components, our bicycles aren’t mass produced and we don’t have boxes of them sitting in a warehouse. The frames are all hand made in small numbers and each complete bicycle is designed and assembled by hand in London. Just for you.


Asgard Secure Steel Storage is a division of Flexiform Business Furniture Limited, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of steel storage systems for almost 40 years – We are one of only 6 GPS (Government Procurement Services) appointed companies in the UK.

Asgard can draw on a wealth of metal fabrication experience with a long history of engineering and manufacturing excellence.  Asgard design and manufacture a range of metal sheds, bike storage and motorcycle storage of the highest quality, designed to give the strength and security required for professional level use.

Our reputation is built on quality UK manufacturing – ALL of our products are designed and manufactured here in Yorkshire – Our products are made from heavy, galvanised (weatherproof) steel, featuring integral metal floors, vented roofs and high quality locking systems and should not be confused with similar looking, thinner gauge, lightweight products.


Baldwin Titanium

At Baldwin Titanium, we are passionate about bringing high quality bike building back to the UK.

We specialise in building high end, custom fitted titanium bicycle frames to customer’s exacting specifications. We only build to order and we only build them one at a time.

We understand the relationship of how important  your bike is to the enjoyment and performance that you get out of your riding.

Each and every bike is hand crafted in Beverley, East Yorkshire.  We believe that by focusing like this on one bike at a time, a truly special bike evolves. Each and every bike is made with passion and love – something that is hard to achieve in a mass production bicycle factory.

We believe that owning a bike that has been custom built to suit your body shape and your style of riding is the ultimate in bike ownership.

East Yorkshire
Bamboo Bicycle Club

The Bamboo Bicycle Club is a London based workshop, our passion is to help people to build and ride their own unique bicycle that they have built themselves.

The Club was founded by James and Ian, two bike riding engineers whose aim was to create a bicycling community interested in building their own robust and safe bamboo bicycle frames.

The club began offering weekend workshop which has naturally evolved into home build kits. The open source nature has allowed some leading innovations in the world of bamboo bikes. The club has continued to grow and innovate, combined with creating a community of makers and thinkers. Against a tide of mass consumption, we believe that in the future people will choose and customise more and more, to create the ideal product for them. Bamboo is the most accessible bicycle material and provides incredible properties for creating the perfect bicycle you will love.

With sharing our support and knowledge, we aim to create more and more bamboo bike makers!

Bee Clothing

Well here we are. 5 years old as a brand and – feels longer – with a philosophy to make clothes without compromise and a belief that you don’t have to sacrifice style to enjoy protection from the elements.

So we owe a big thank you to the shops, customers, magazines and style commentators who helped us to ensure that since our launch in 2012 BEE has made it out onto the streets of London and into a discerning wardrobe or two.
The philosophy of BEE as a brand remains unchanged – to create clothes without compromise and to demonstrate that you don’t have to sacrifice style to enjoy protection from the elements and performance features that go beyond the norm.

You’ll see that functionality in our Oyster card sleeve pocket, the high visibility flip sections of our commuter cycle jacket and the water repellent PU coated cloth that performs like oilskin but with a softer cotton feel. You’ll see the commitment to tailoring quality in the extensive use of British Melton wool, super-soft backed satin lining and our signature horn buttons plus much more.

Bicycle Manufacturing Ltd

Bicycle Manufacturing Limited
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Precision engineered in Sheffield England

Bicycles by Design

Since 1981, under the Swallow brand, Peter Bird and Robert Wade have hand-built bespoke steel frames for discerning clients.

In 2009 we added made-to-measure hand-made aluminium frames under our Landescape brand and in 2012 complimented this with made-to-measure hand-made carbon fibre tandem frames.

We also sell some of the best-quality small individual brands from Europe and America.

There’s no frou-frou or hyperbola, no flannel – just honest, well-designed products and advice.

We don’t just sell bikes. When you call us or visit the showroom, you’ll be able to speak to one of the Bicycles by Design team that has taken an inanimate box of tubes (and bits of metal, filed lugs, mitred and brazed joints,) and made a living breathing bicycle form them. We understand bicycles because we not only design them but hand-build frames too: that’s the difference.

Ensuring that your bike fits you correctly, feels right and performs how you want it to is crucial to what we do. Each aspect is given our full attention, from sizing through to the final finishing of the handle tape.

From the outset we discuss your requirements to create a bike that reflects your lifestyle and needs. We will talk you through the various options and complexities of modern bikes, using language that you can understand, rather than blinding you with tech talk.

Swallow frames are hand built on our premises, in a variety of steel tubing using a mix of modern and traditional methods. For those of you that want a full ‘hands-on’ experience, we offer frame-building courses.

Bike Storage Company
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With experience drawn from a range of high profile projects including The Shard, Westfield’s, The Tate and Canary Wharf, we are the perfect company if you want exceptional service at an affordable price.

The Bike Storage Company is a specialist provider of commercial bike storage across the UK. We have over 5 years worth of industry experience and are supplied by a handful of dedicated and well-established British fabricators.
We offer a wide range of products – all of which are designed, independently tested and made in the UK. 
The Bike Storage Company delivers a unique and complete service for all bike storage requirements, including site surveys, layout plans, consultation, design, fabrication, delivery and installation as well as a full pro active maintenance programme. We design many products from scratch, and design modifications into others to meet individual client requirements.

Bill Blight
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David (Bill) Blight has been designing and making bags since 1976. His original cottage industry business Freedom Bikepacking became a brand leader in cycle luggage in the UK, Denmark and Sweden in the late 1980s and were famed for innovative design and quality culminating in a Design Centre award in 1990. Bill was also the co-founder of Camera Care Systems another innovative designer/manufacture specialising in camera protection.

Bill has not only designed for his own projects but has designed luggage for numerous clients including major fashion and outdoor companies.

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