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At Ag’e-mes, we create premium luggage and small accessories – handmade today for the vintage of tomorrow.
Our products are both durable and timeless with a contemporary gender-neutral aesthetic
​At heart, we believe in supporting Britain’s traditional industries and forging direct relationships with the people who bring our products to life. Designed in our Oxford studio and crafted in a Suffolk workshop, every stitch is overseen by artisans with decades of experience
Our debut collection marries British heritage materials with a European handwriting to create modern classics for the urban traditionalist who is constantly curious
In the city or overseas, our products are designed for travel and accrue their own unique patina over time. Hand-in-hand or over the shoulder, you’ll always have a dashing companion by your side throughout your own grand tour.
All of the material, components and labour that make up our designs are sourced right here in the British Isles. It’s this unique product story and the people that bring it to life that we are passionate about. We are proud to support the time honoured quality of British craft.


Would you like to use your old jacket or coat and have me make it into something you can treasure for ever?

I don’t know about you but I love leather coats and the character each and every one has, all my jackets are sourced from charity shops and Ebay but mostly people give me their coats and jackets to repurpose into their own choice of bag/holdall. Not really following fashion trends but instead letting the details from the jacket guide my design.

So would you like to use your old jacket or coat and have me make it into something you can treasure for ever? Maybe you have something tucked away for a rainy day (or a new fashion era) maybe for some of you a big bat-winged embarrassing 80’s jacket with the notion ..”I’ll save that till it comes back in fashion” It probably will no doubt but listen here, I would love to get my hands on your beloved jacket and transform it into a beautiful bag/holdall/baby bag/clutch/hobo/you name it, I will make it!

This past year has been the most exciting as I set out to find beautiful galleries and stockists to sell my up-cycled products. Recycling more materials than ever and currently working on a range of mens accessories from British Airways plane seats along with the life jackets and seat belts.


Family holidays in a bright orange campervan are where it all began. When Anorak’s founder and creative brain Laurie Robertson embarked on her annual Summer (and sometimes Winter) childhood camping trips equipped with little more than a map, a camping stove, and a packet of marshmallows for company, she never imagined where those journeys would take her.
The paint on the orange camper has long since faded, but Laurie’s love for family, colour and countryside hasn’t. So in 2009 she decided to create Anorak. A British lifestyle brand on a mission:

” To bring fun to functional products and to invite the great outdoors into homes (and caravans, campers, tents and teepees) all over the world. “

Please check with us as to which products are made in the UK. Thankyou

Anya Sushko

Anya Sushko Handbags London is luxury handbag brand founded in 2008 by bespoke leather accessories specialist, Central St Martin’s graduate and former Alexander McQueen couture assistant, Anya Sushko. Quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the brand, and Anya is passionate about creating unique statement handbags which are beautiful but also practical and a pleasure to wear and touch. Each Anya Sushko handbag combines traditional crafting techniques with distinctive and modern designs. Each is practical whilst retaining elegance and style. Designed and handmade in the company’s London atelier from the finest Italian leathers, with hand-stitched finishing, Anya Sushko handbags are made to stand the test of time in every way.

Keeping true to her brand’s ethos, Anya is involved in the entire creation process – from idea conception to the last finishing touches of every bag. The handbags stand out for their quality, striking shapes and carefully-placed details, and are designed to be as practical as they are beautiful, and always wonderful to the touch. The quality can be felt as well as seen.

“It is important that my handbags are not only unique and special, but also practical. I design for women with busy and demanding lives, to whom elegance is important”, Anya Sushko
Anya has been recognised in international designer awards, most recently in the “101 Handbag Designer Award 2014” in New York.


Made In The U.K.
We’ve been doing this for more than thirty years now. Our hardy gear is used by many Special Forces, and tough military units, who depend on our quality to get their job done. We’ve driven the jackets onto airstrips to meet waiting aeroplanes, and sent boxes away to strange places both in the icy north and in hot deserts. What we make also works pretty well at home on a bad day.

The prestigious customers we serve form a special roll of honour, and we are more than grateful to supply them and to be a small part of their history.

We make our products in Britain, and they are crafted by a dedicated group of people. Enough time has gone by so that few remain of those who were there at the start; but, as in battle, the ranks close and we move forward. It’s the way it is, and we move on together.

Back in the 80s, we developed a unique fabric aimed to be reliable and long-serving, and we developed a dropliner system to support our ripstop fabric. Every now and then, garments made this way come back for reproofing and repairs, and we’ll get them back into the field. Some of these jackets have their own stories to tell – of conflicts long over; of feats of the Endurance which is part of our Quality and Endurance motto; of things seen only by those people who wore them in distant places; of, indeed, forgotten fields.

Making in Britain demands endurance in its own right. It is the right thing to do – the ethic of master craft is to build hands-on, and examine the things you make. Few can say this in the times of the big boast and the fast buck. Our technology aims at being tough, long lasting, discreet, intelligently dry, and as light it can be.

Arktis Outdoor was created as a response to the online demand. In January 2015 we opened our web-store offering our basic range of clothing to the general public for the first time. The web-store opened up opportunities for us to develop new product lines (including the new women’s and mens civilian range). Since then we have been ever growing our store, offering more variety, and improving the usability or the store.

As ever, we thank our customers for sticking with us. After all, it’s only been thirty years

Armitage Leather

I have been crafting leather goods since 1990 following traditional techniques to ensure the highest quality, with each item meticulously hand crafted to a level that has earned me the title, Master Leathersmith and Associateship to the Guild of Master Craftsmen.
Each item made is designed specifically to suit its purpose making each item unique.
Whilst this is reflected in the price, you can be assured that the item you receive will last a lifetime, potentially several.
You will not only receive a bespoke item for you to enjoy, you will be the guardian of an heirloom for years to come.
Each item is certified Handmade and is accompanied with a printed certificate to reflect this, and of course, its guarantee.
If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to make contact. There is no fee for design enquiries.

If you would like a bespoke item made you can email me at to discuss your needs.

Arnold Leather Goods

As a family company, Arnold & Arnold have manufactured superior quality leather belts, bags and accessories since 1982, supplying top retailers around the world.
We specialise in handmade classic leather belts made to last from supple Bullhide and the highest quality buckles. The riveted construction and bevelled hand-finished edges ensure they will improve with age.

Our soft leather wallets, purses and bags, designed for style without compromising utility are made from Real Calf, Goatskin or Cowhide to the highest standard and they offer great value for money.

Also available on our site are eco-friendly, super-soft socks with flat seam toes, made from bamboo in exciting patterns and colours for men and women.

Backyard Denim

So many of the items in our everyday lives are anonymous. We just don’t know where they came from, or how they were made.  Backyard Denim bags and accessories are different.  Backyard Denim addresses the question of provenance.
PROVENANCE  — n place of origin, esp that of a work of art or archaeological specimen.

When sourcing and bringing together the components and craftsmanship that it takes to make Backyard Denim bags and accessories, I want to share that information  with you.  Providing not only great products that you will use for years to come, but also a great story that you can be part of.  When you carry your Backyard Denim bag, and people ask you where it came from, you can tell them with certainty.  You know it’s history, it’s provenance.

Backyard Denim bags and accessories are made in very limited quantities, and most styles are individually numbered.  Genuinely and proudly carrying the label “Handmade in London”.

Beautiful Soul

Beautiful Soul London is a British, luxury womenswear label, based in London’s Notting Hill, founded by British fashion and textile designer Nicola Woods in 2011. The label effortlessly dances the tightrope between strength and delicacy; the elegant wardrobe of a new romantic Britain. It is appreciative of quality, respectful of heritage and British craftsmanship and unapologetically feminine. The charming aesthetic that Beautiful Soul London adheres to is one which is at once nostalgic and forward-thinking, assertive and whimsical, classical and constantly evolving.

Floral prints are Beautiful Soul London’s inimitable handwriting and the signature prints are created by Nicola Woods and are inspired by the quaint simplicity of happy childhood memories; cherished stories told by grandparents, picking flowers in our mother’s garden, dripping ice cream under a hazy summer sun, the crisp scent of early autumnal mornings in the English countryside. When inspiration stems from a place of such fondness, it dances through the fabric itself, and imprints its spirit on the wearer. With uplifting feminine prints and a complimentary colour palette balanced against classic, wearable silhouettes to create a timeless, evolving style.

Bennett Winch

Bennett Winch create accessories that celebrate the British tradition of manufacturing and craftsmanship reinvented for the contemporary lifestyle.  Inspired by the metropolitan gent whose days are spent in the workplace, at the gym, socialising and travelling for business and pleasure, Bennett Winch formed in 2014.  Our purpose is to produce smart, versatile bags of exceptional quality that will accompany you everywhere.

Considered details and a strong emphasis on finishing are the cornerstones of our work. Every bag takes 12 experienced pattern-cutters and hand-crafters 20 hours to make, using traditional bladed techniques and a passed down knowledge of leatherworking.

Bennett Winch launches with our signature holdall. Carefully designed with separate compartments for work wear, sports/leisurewear and devices, the Bennett Winch Holdall is available in three timeless colours.

Handcrafted in England’s Northwest, where lifetime guarantees come as standard and designed from our studio in Farringdon, London, we are proud to bring Bennett Winch to market.

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