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A Load Of Old Scrap

My name is Nick and from my Somerset based workshop I create sculptures from scrap metal.
Have you ever looked at a pile of old tools, an old bicycle old car parts or even a broken vacuum cleaner and thought there’s got to be something this could be used for rather than throw it away?

Well that’s what I do, I take those old tools and any other scrap metal items that would otherwise be thrown away or sold for scrap metal and breathe new life into them by creating one off sculptures, from sculptures as small as your hand to as big as a horse the only limitation is our imaginations.

I create an ever expanding range of sculptures that are available to order, If there’s something you would like to see in the range or something you would like made specifically for you, as a gift for someone else, or as a promotional item for you company then feel free to get in touch, these sculptures generate interest everywhere they are seen and all-ways draw a crowd.


In a world where so much is artificial Abbeyhorn serves as a reminder of just how wonderful and appealing natural products can be. Using traditional methods our skilled horn carvers produce a range of quality goods that are both captivating and functional.

Each year, here at Abbeyhorn, there is a frenetic cycle of inspiration, creativity and discovery followed by feverish research, development and testing – then (pause) a collected gathering of breath…

Why I hear you ask?  Well the answer is simple – so we can deliver, for you, a new and exciting fresh range of products, from the purely practical to the utterly indulgent.

Abigail Shama Ceramics
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I come to ceramics from painting. The shift has been grounding as well as gratifying, as I hope the work itself is.

As with a painting, pots tell stories through surface. The clay body is an object which can be touched and lifted, offering up a new surface for texture and painting. These are one off, wheel thrown, stoneware bowls. Their shape is born out of the Chinese Monk’s Begging Bowl. Any bowl is basic and universal in its meaning.

Eating. Sharing. Offering. Giving.

The process of building up and then turning the form creates their skin and character. I rely on the processes of slipping and chattering; words which describe human contact. These pieces are about imprinting the imperfect, unexpected and unrepeatable marks of a human hand on the most primal and unchanging material.

So, these vessels, I hope offer themselves up to being handled and enjoyed.

Adrian Higgins Visual Art

I am a freelance visual artist living and working in rural Herefordshire. I am a painter and printmaker but I also embrace newer digital technology to produce
my work. I draw on the local environment for inspiration that includes a diverse range of wildlife, natural colour, rich texture and pattern. I also have a passion for visual literacy and creating narrative through image.

Much of my work has been created through collecting and collaging found photographs, wallpaper swatches and Victorian ephemera. I use digital imaging software to refine my ideas and to produce high quality limited edition digital prints.

I always strive to create humorous, quirky and often provocative works of art.
They are available as limited edition prints and greeting cards.

Ali Ferguson

My time is mostly spent working in The Purple Thread Shed – my studio in the garden of my home in the village of Roslin near Edinburgh.

There are two distinct “threads” to my textile practice.

As an artist I explore my own ideas & interests by creating contemporary stitched pieces. While my “Cloth Work” is mostly for exhibition my “Wood Work” is for sale and commission.

My inspiration comes from the every day – every day people and every day things. I am fascinated by people and their stories: particularly their reflections and memories of ordinary home and working lives.

Text features strongly in my work– either in the form of handwriting taken from old letters and postcards or snippets of conversation – recording words exactly as they are spoken. The words are meticulously hand stitched – a slow and thoughtful process that leaves a permanent mark of something that may have previously been dismissed as insignificant. Wherever possible I love to use discarded materials – often old pieces of clothing or domestic textiles. I believe that materials previously used, washed and worn carry their own stories.

Alice Caroline Ltd

My shop grew out of a life-long love of vibrant Liberty prints. As a child I would pore over my grandmother’s stash of quilting fabrics, savouring the bright delights of each new print.

Having completed a PhD in cancer genetics, I started to rediscover my creativity as a maker and designer of dresses, cushions, bags, childrenswear and quilts. Liberty of London Tana Lawn was a natural choice for my projects, with its fine weave, delicate and inventive patterns, intense long-wearing colours, and its traditional English heritage (many of its fabrics are still printed in the UK).

My shop has grown through my knowledge of Liberty and of stitch culture, sourcing rare, classic and new season prints to provide a range everyone can fall for.

Alice Shields Ceramics
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Alice Shields is a Bristol based ceramic designer who creates a range of bold home wares, jewellery and gifts. Specialising in surface decoration, Alice hand applies her own illustrated decal drawings onto each item and sgraffitos into each of her porcelain jewellery range pieces.

Alice prides herself on creating a range which has functionality yet is decorative and beautiful at the same time. Humour plays a key role in the narrative of her work, creating pieces which reflect the characteristics of being British. Her illustrations reflect her love of wildlife and favourite pastimes.

Alice’s new porcelain Block Jewellery range is an exploration of colour, form and mark making. Her statement necklaces, earrings and bangles are all hand formed and painted using underglazes, which are then individually drawn into before being fired. Inspired by the forms of the 1920’s art deco period and her love of bold, bright colours, this new direction has enabled Alice to find new creative expression and push herself as a maker.

Alison Appleton Ceramics

Alison established her British Ceramic Design Studio in 1998, from which she created a range of high quality tea and coffee products sold in John Lewis, Harrods, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Zara Home and Marks & Spencer. She is also a ‘name’ designer at La Cafetiere.

She firmly believes that a good cup of tea is something to take time over, to savour and to give your full attention. A tea break should be just that: switch off the phone, relax and enjoy fine quality, loose-leaf tea from the loveliest crockery you can find. Now retailing her own collections, Alison puts fellow tea lovers firmly at the heart of the design process, with elegant, practical products presented in gorgeous packaging. Good tea and teaware should be a gift, either to oneself, or to others.

Alison has travelled widely and forged international partnerships, but is particularly inspired by Oriental tea culture. A key partner is Mr Liu, from Dehua in Fujian Province, China. As an expert in ancient Chinese ceramics – and something of an alchemist – he knows how to create the fine finishes and bespoke glazes her collections require.

Alison believes that there is no place in Britain for the third-rate teabag (though she is partial to a drop of builders’ brew on occasion) and that wherever possible, your teapot should always match your dress.

All Thing Good
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Hand made wooden furniture and gifts using reclaimed/recycled wood…

My passion has always been to create, pencil draw and paint and my husbands passion is woodwork. We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to combine our passions into a small personal Art, wooden furniture and gift business.
We are fortunate to work from home in Rural Mid-Wales. Whilst Duncan is making the furniture and small gift items in our workshop, I get involved with some of the fret work and can be painting and drawing in my studio and shop.
Our ‘Shed shop’ and ‘Studio/shop’ are open and we welcome visitors.
We also display and sell our goods at the Dyfi Arts Guilds gallery and shop, Y Plas, Machynlleth – – where you can also buy my hand painted cards and wooden key rings.
I also paint ‘Pet portraits’ on paper, canvas and on furniture items, particularly the milking stools which make a lovely personal gift. Please see my face book page for up to date news and follow us –
We share ideas and between us create new things, in the hope that others will enjoy for themselves or get enjoyment and pleasure buying for dear friends, family and/or loved ones…go on and have a peep and treat yourselves! 🙂

Mid Wales
Amanda Ross
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Amanda Ross creates botanical images of extreme clarity and beauty printing directly from preserved horticultural cuttings. A self-confessed plant killer and useless gardener, she constructs her ideal gardens and landscapes using greenery collected from many walks, selected gardens and the occasional ‘liberated snippet’.

Drawing on her textile background she uses textile inks, fabrics, paper, and plants from her pressed collection to produce these artworks. A collector of reminders, her plant library has grown from pieces sourced on her travels, both abroad and in the UK, from site-specific vegetation to whatever catches her eye.
Once back in the studio the artworks grow organically from their components, the imagery dictating the scale and colours. Original artworks, hand-printed on fabric, are mounted, framed and sold as such. Each piece is individual and the product of many hours of perfecting both the subject aesthetic and printing process. Individual plant imprints (printed using the same method) are scanned and amalgamated into the ‘Botanical Element Library’. These elements are used to create digital collages which become limited edition prints.

A small, selected, number of these collages are reproduced as gift stationery, greetings cards, reproduction prints or melamine tableware.

All of these products are proudly made in the UK.

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