UKMade Directory Hits 3000 !!

Great news for British businesses . UKMadeTrading is building up an amazing resource in its directory that has now reached over 3000 with a huge emphasis on the small makers and medium sized operations. Our ultimate aim is to have every British maker/manufacturer on the UK Made Trading Directory so never again will anybody be… Read more »

Christmas Day!

Well I don’t know about you but Christmas comes to me as a mixed bag of excitement (Santa’s coming), worry about present buying, getting the house ready, where will I be; at home/relatives/in a hired country cottage? Who will I be with? Granted some of these questions are answered back in the summer when someone says “Shall we all do Christmas at the beach?” or similar when you are  full of the feeling of light heart and long warm days.  This year is no exception, me and mine are going to visit my recently widowed Dad and jolly him through the first Christmas without Mum. So, he knows he has got to put up the lights at some point,  we might be without the tree but it could be a Granddaughter’s job to nudge him through that and get it out of the loft.   I’m cooking, so will be taking the bird and bits n pieces with me (and half my kitchen too), Dad and  my sister will supply the veg, I’ve made the traditional fruit puddings (yes I have) and will be making chocolate fondant puds for those who don’t do the fruit ones.  They say they don’t like them but  have never tasted mine, so of course they just don’t know what a proper pud tastes like. I try not to take it personally, can you tell?      We will go to the beach on Boxing Day and let the cold wind blow away the Christmas Day excesses  while the dogs run off and make friends with other dogs on the shore, let’s hope the tide is out!  Food for the beach is soup and sandwiches, with chunks of Christmas cake and mince pies, and of  course chocolate!  Presents can be a bit of a stresser for some people, what to buy for the difficult personalities, or how  much to spend, do you need to appear to be generous but only want to spend the minimum, or just  give truly lavish presents?    There is so much choice available online which is made in the UK, which of course is far easier to  purchase than ordering from a large generic e-commerce shop and having to wait for something to  come from another country, possibly having to pay import tax, or it being completely disappointing  when it arrives, at least when dealing with UK sellers you can easily contact them and receive the  goods within a couple of days.    There are some lovely beauty products and plush hand bags on which will guarantee a  smiley Christmas face.  For the keen cyclist in your life give him some Purple Harry, it’s an amazing  bike cleaning system which has a great reputation amongst the cycling fraternity; dreamt and  created by keen off road cyclists who needed to easily maintain their equipment post ride.  Matching Wallace and Gromitt tee-shirts for Grandchildren and Grandads alike.  When you’re looking for the perfect present – please try to shop UK – we have so much talent in  Great Britain!     

UK Made Christmas gifts for him and her.

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us and we’re all starting to plan what presents  to get for those difficult friends and family members! The thought of trawling around the  shops for hours on end can be a daunting one, so we’ve come up a fantastic list of  suggestions of UK Made gifts which are perfect for the man or woman in your life.  For Him  The Original Metal Sign Co  TT racer design  This large wooden wall sign (from the Original Metal Sign Co!) is a great gift idea  for all motorbike enthusiasts. It’s sure to add character to any bare wall in the house, garage  or workshop!  Spike Leisurewear  Beatles Tee Shirt  Beatles fans young and old are sure to love these designs from Spike Leisurewear. With a  range of iconic designs, these t-shirts are the perfect gift for the Beatles enthusiast in your  life.  The Mini Jar Company  Chutney Jars  Exclusive to customers who order through UK Made Trading, these delicious chutney’s  include a range of flavours from fruit chutneys to vegetable based ones. These handmade  jars are ideal for anyone who loves trying out new flavours!    For Her  LouLouBelle London  Hand & Foot Gift Box  The perfect gift for any lady in your life who deserves a luxurious pamper. Sold by  LouLouBelle London, this beautiful package contains a Passionfruit & Orange Hand Cream  and a Mint & Lemon Foot Cream.  Aimi Charnell   Starfish Cluster Pendant  A beautiful starfish pendant which is sure to be loved by all; this classy piece of jewellery is  inspired by sea colours and accompanied by a single freshwater pearl.    Miss Millers Marshmallows  Hand crafted in Brighton, these delightful marshmallows are available in 16 fantastic  flavours, and make the perfect stocking filler! 

British Made Christmas Gifts

Christmas season is fast approaching- tinsel and trees fill the aisles and Michael Bublé can be heard crooning Christmas anthems. If the thought of trawling around the shops trying to find the perfect gift doesn’t sound like your idea of fun – we’ve selected some of the finest UK Made items from our online store… Read more »

The Perfect Picnic Proposal ?

We would like to congratulate our winner Laura Harrison from Newcastle for being the winner of our competition for #NationalPicnicWeek June 2016. The Perfect Picnic Proposal; Lots of sandwiches, fruit, drinks… maybe a sparkling, engagement ring? Who knows! As they often head to Scarborough together for little weekends away and visiting the family, this weekend… Read more »

Food & Drink Expo ???

On Tuesday 19th Lynda and Ian attended the Food & Drink Expo which was very exciting for them. Their aim was to go out and speak to as many UK manufacturers as possible… and they certainly succeeded! We are now up with 50+ business cards and some yummy food samples (thank-you!). They came back really enthusiastic… Read more »

10 Top Things To Do In The UK! ??

UK Made Trading is a huge supporter when it comes to UK manufacturing! We just love helping those small businesses grow and showing as much support as possible. To show the UK really is an amazing place to be… we thought we’d go a bit different in this blog post and show you 10 exciting things… Read more »

Made in Britain Campaign.

We’re really happy to announce that we are Associate Members of the Made In Britain Campaign! This allows people to identify that we support British makers, especially through our online Shop and UK Business Directory. What is the Made in Britain Marque all about?  The Made in Britain Marque is about identifying British Made Goods. It helps… Read more »