About Us

UK Made Picnic BasketIt all started with a picnic basket…

Well, that’s not quite correct. It actually started because we couldn’t find a picnic basket – or not one made in Great Britain, anyway.

And that got us thinking. Because we surely weren’t the only ones struggling to find UK-made goods of all kinds on the internet…

What if we could gather together all the best small traders, crafters, manufacturers, designer-makers, entrepreneurs and artists in Britain and put them in one place?

We started looking around and found that, although there are lots of online marketplaces, none of them seemed to cater for the microbusinesses and solo entrepreneurs. And they weren’t exclusive to UK-made goods.

We wanted to give the tiny UK businesses, the ones that create beautiful, unique goods, a place to grow.

You’re probably wondering what makes us different.

Why would you choose to buy from UK Made Trading?

1.    You can find the best independent businesses easily. UK Made Trading is all about small, independent British businesses – and bringing their talent to discerning buyers.

2.    You’ll be supporting the best independent British businesses. Our sellers don’t pay any listing fees, so it gives the tiniest companies a chance to get going.

3.    There’s nothing ordinary about our sellers. Because we support the smallest UK businesses, we attract the most exciting people. And that means you can find the most beautiful, unusual treasures here.

4.    It’s the next best thing to buying local – and you can do it from the comfort of your home. You’ll find there are lower postage costs and less impact on the environment.

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